Our Establishment

The Powers that Were

Our collective human consciousness is evolving exponentially. There is a global grassroots flourishing of compassion and a return to a more balanced and harmonious way of being as archived in Our Evolution. It is important to keep this underlying truth in our awareness as we dive into the distortions of the darkness that has hidden itself behind the mechanical machinations of the corporate mainstream media’s blatant propaganda, and through shaping the narratives of our education systems. Without the underlying truth of the exponential flowering of consciousness, we can become lost in the deceptive intelligence that has done it’s utmost to keep humanity stuck on repeat, lost in the reactivity of the reptilian brain, which once caused us to forget our connection to the Earth and to all of life. It is important to be the change that we wish to experience in the collective co-created experience. Perhaps more important is embodying the frequency that we wish to experience externally. We are each creators. We shape the experience around us with our thoughts, words, and actions, and we ripple our energy out into the quantum field, leaving an energetic information signature that echoes in eternity. If we feel anger, judgement or fear when we are in the process of cultivating our innerstanding of the Transnational Corporate Empire, then we ripple those energetics into the collective experience, and authorize the creation of more war, suffering and oil spills. Our practice is to be in the center of the chaos and distortions, while emanating love, compassion, and fearlessness. Our practice is forgiveness and compassion for all beings, because unconditional love holds no resentments and knows deeply that each now moment holds infinite opportunities to allow a higher consciousness to flourish within each of us.


The international financial and corporate interests that have exerted control over the US government from behind the curtain of the mainstream media’s propaganda, have been leveraging a handful of key individuals within key institutions, which have an outward facing mission statement that is a stark contrast with the true agenda of their secretive core. Some of these organizations are the Federal Reserve System, IRS, NATO, Department of Defense, National Security Council, CIA, NSA, World Bank, NORAD, IMF, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, and The Council on Foreign Relations, among others, which establish what has often been referred to as the Deep State. Deep State operatives have cycled from influential government posts, into the private sector, where they cashed in on relationships and legislation that they created while holding public office. In this transition, they have often become the Chairman or CEO of a large multi-national corporation or investment bank, before returning to the public sector to ensure that subsidies, contracts and profits flow to the institution that they are coming out of. At the core of the deception and corruption we find The Federal Reserve System (FED), which is a privately owned banking cartel that has capture our country through controlling the issuance of our currency. In schools, we are taught that the FED regulates and stabilizes the economy, while insider trading and monopolies are actively uprooted by regulators. Despite this facade, the truth is that since 1913, the core of what has become our global economic system has been a money monopoly dominated by about a dozen families, most influential among them are the bloodlines of: Rockefeller, Morgan, Rothschild, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Khun, Loeb, Lehman, and Israel Moses Seif. The institutions at the core of this secretive international banking syndicate are: the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds Bank TSB, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan, UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale based in Paris, the Bank of Tokyo UJF, the Bank of Japan, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the Rabobank of the Netherlands. These banks practice fractional reserve banking, which currently allows them to loan out ten times more money than they have on deposit, economists refer to this as the reserve ratio and the FED has set our at ten percent. This allows banks to charge interest on money that does not, has not, and will never exist as anything more than digits on a screen. This makes it both reasonable and comical to refer to US dollars as Feddy Digits, until we return to a gold, silver or resource backed currency using blockchain technology to ensure transparency and accountability, that will be issued by the US Congress without interest as intended in our constitution, which says that congress has the right to “coin Money and regulate the Value thereof.These transnational investment and commercial banks are not only the primary shareholders of the largest western transnational corporations, but are also the primary shareholders of the privately owned central banks that have secretively seized control of the currency creation of almost every country on Earth. The first privately own central bank was The Bank of England, and the most powerful central bank on Earth has been the FED since the Bretton Woods agreement of 1944, which also marked the birth of the World Bank and International Monetary fund. The central bank of central banks has been the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), headquartered in Basil, Switzerland and founded by the same banking bloodlines that are the primary shareholders of the Bank of England and the FED. The BIS acknowledges membership from over 60 central banks, which comprise 95% of the worlds GDP. If we observe the 2001 hit-list of the American Empire that Wesley Clark revealed, we will notice that these seven countries were trying to get away from the petro-dollar, which forces countries to exchange resources of tangible value for either digits on a computer screen or for Federal Reserve Notes backed by nothing. Once the US and its NATO allies bombed and destabilized these countries, a privately owned central bank was forced on these sovereign nations, which was most blatant in Iraq and LibyaThe Deep State is also known by many as The Corporatocracy, which has been openly and actively creating a world in which corporate profit along with the interests of international bankers and Wall Street are more important than human life and the health of our Earth. This version of empire, now dominated by Washington D.C., where the Directors of the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency (which has been backed by nothing except war and oil since 1971), the intelligence agencies, the transnational security state, and the military-media industrial complex watched as Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11/2001 that $2.3 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes could not be accounted for within the Department of Defense (DOD). In 2015 we learned that the DOD cannot account for $8.5 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes since 1996. This impressive lack of oversight and accountability has been a signature of the conquests of this colonial empire, which has wound its way from bloodlines in ancient Babylonia, through the Egyptian Empire and the Sacred knowledge held in the Library of Alexandria, into the conquests of Rome and the Catholic Church centered in the Vatican, transitioning into the European Aristocracy and banking dynasties centered in London, winding up in Mystery Babylon also know as the United States of America. In the last hundred years, this vicious hierarchy has had three primary prongs that it leveraged in its attempt to form the first truly global empire. There are three city states that belong to no nation and pay no taxes, they are Washington’s District of Columbia, which is not part of the City of Washington or the United States, the inner city of London, which is not part of London or England, and the Vatican, which is not part of Rome or Italy. The Vatican is the religious and Sacred knowledge prong, London is the legal and financial prong, and D.C. is the media and military prong.

We can choose to cultivate the experience of gratitude for the members of our global human family who have taken on heavy roles of corruption within the global financial hierarchy. Recognizing that these beings, have created the chaos that serves as a catalyst for the butterfly to enter the final stage of metamorphosis by bursting through the chrysalis, as a metaphor and microcosm of humanity breaking free of the fight for survival reptilian brain programming. It is easier to awaken within a nightmare than a really easy and enjoyable dream. This experience that we call life on earth is no different; the violence, debt-slavery, starvation, war, corruption, and deception have created the pressure that is playing a central role in the re-birth and exponential flowering of humanities multidimensional consciousness through the remembering and active honoring of our oneness. Our best physics proves this, quantum mechanics illustrates our interconnectedness with each other and with all of life. Adding energy, passion and urgency to Our Regeneration is human accelerated global climate destabilization, which brings us together as one global community, to co-create peace in perpetuity. Not through a UN and World Bank orchestrated global carbon tax, which could lead to a global governing structure, that would benefit the same international banking syndicate that backed our currency, and thus our global financial system with oil, the obsolete technology at the core of global climate destabilization. This was done with the creation of the petro-dollar, which emerged after the Nixon administration left the gold standard in 1971 and was solidified in 1973, through the political corruption of Nixon, Kissinger, Shultz, and Cheney, who brokered a deal with the house of Saud of Saudi Arabia. The deal offered the House of Saud military protection if they would buy and sell their oil exclusively for Federal Reserve Notes, and re-invest their profits in US Treasury Bonds, thus allowing the Federal Reserve to create more fiat currency, backed by militarism and oil. We are awakened and unified by the attempted preservation of the carbon bubble through the suppression of far superior new energy technology alternatives that would allow us to harness abundant energy, while leaving oil in the soil. We are awakened and unified by the selling of sacred Native treaty lands to the same international banking consortium, which has been disguised as protecting the environment through conservation. We are awakened and unified by the oil oligarchy that no longer has the capacity to keep humanity stuck in a Dinosaur economy, burning carbon, the 666 technology (carbon has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons). Instead of being unified globally by a corrupt carbon tax, we are unified in our heart-centered energy and intention. We are unified in our readiness to leverage this perfectly timed opportunity to stand and co-create a compassionate planetary community as our shared external reflection. One that honors and appreciates our diversity, while recognizing our subatomic connectivity. A world that inspires us to cultivate our relationship with the unified field of heart-centered creative intelligence that is joyously flourishing within each of us. We will no longer give our energy to deceptions that trap our consciousness in duality. Now, we simply stand as Earth Guardians and continue to RYSE up as Earth’s immune system. We no longer have to fight. We simply stand. Stand for each other, experiencing that we are unified by the realization shared by indigenous first-nations wisdom keepers of Turtle Island (North America) specifically the Hopi and Dakota, who recognize all of humanity as two leggeds’. As two legged’s, it is our responsibility to stand for what the wisdom keepers recognize as four leggeds, for the winged beings, and for the beings of the waters. Mni Wiconi. Everything is connected. We are oceans in motion. We are also the depths of the ocean of all of creation. We stand to protect our waters: our bodies, streams, wetlands, rivers, ocean, estuaries, icecaps, aquifers and hot springs. We stand to protect our soil, our atmosphere, our forests, our mountains, and for all our eco-systems. We stand for biodiversity and for organic perennial polycultures bursting with vibrancy and superabundant with chi-vitality. We use the power of prayer and intention, practicing the combination of concentrated thought, faith, emotion, and action to shape and co-create a joyous, flourishing, just, brilliant, unity conscious external reflection. Some will call this heaven. When we do not fight the violence and deception but instead experience gratitude, compassion, forgiveness for those aspect of our unified consciousness, then we allow those energetics to dissolve back into the heart connection and memory of our oneness. Forgiving the deception and darkness allows us to bring a non-judgmental light into the darkness, which transmutes distortions and brings balance. We are all connected through the subatomic intelligence that permeates all life. When we remember our connection to this creative intelligence, we become conduits of unity consciousness, and accelerate the collective remembering that we are transcendent of materiality; the remembering that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. As we embody the frequency that we wish to experience externally, while being the change we wish to see in the world, we are working on the levels of cause and effect, and are dissolving the deceptions of this reality, while creating compassionate communities that fuse ancient indigenous wisdom with new energy technologies to render the oil and fiat money banking empire obsolete.

A Timeline

1902 – General Education Board, was established by oil monopolist John D. Rockefeller, focusing on influencing the curriculum of the US education system, with special attention given to medicine and agriculture

1910 – Representatives of The International Banking Syndicate gathered on JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island: Paul Warburg, Nelson Aldridge, Frank Vanderlip, Jacob Shiff, Abraham Piatt Andrew, Henry P. Davidson and Benjamin Strong, representing the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties along with their banking houses of, Kuhn Loeb and Lazard Frère, who met in secret to plan what would become the Federal Reserve System

1912 – The Pujo Committee discovers the “Money Trust” lead by Arsene Pujo, the Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, which discovered a concentrated group of Wall Street bankers, operating a sophisticated financial network of 341 interlocking directorships held in 112 western transnational corporations the specific bankers and banking houses listed were the same individuals and institutions that had met on J.P. Morgan’s Jekyll Island just two years earlier

1913 – Creation of the Federal Reserve System (FED), which was the 3rd central banking system of the United States (U.S.), and was pushed on the U.S. public by Woodrow Wilson’s administration, despite the official Democratic party platform of the time being opposed to a central bank

1913 – Creation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was established to collect the debt that has been accruing to the shareholders of the privately owned FED, the IRS is not a government agency, it is a private corporate entity and it was later incorporated in the State of Delaware, this means that as sovereign beings, we no longer need to pay income tax, and thus we no longer will pay interest to the FED banking cartel, or fund the prison industrial complex, the war machine, big oil, big pharma or big agriculture

1913 – Anti Defamation League (ADL), was established to insulate the families that conspired to create the IRS and FED from the lights of journalism, by labelling those researching the international banking cartel as anti-semetic

1915 – The False Flag sinking of the Lucitania as a catalyst to demonize Germany and coerce the US into joining the allied powers of WWI, right after the creation of the FED, so each new dollar created during the war would create interest payments in the form of dividends paid to the private shareholders of the FED

1917 – United States enters WWI: 3/4 of the funding for the Allied powers came from the Bank of Morgan, which wanted to protect its investment by bringing the United States into the War

1919 – Creation of the Institute of International Affairs in England and the United States at the Paris Peace Conference, by the same families that created the FED and IRS

1920’s – The price of gold in the US was $20/oz, meaning our currency was backed by gold, and any bank would redeem 20 Federal Reserve Notes with an ounce of gold

1921 – Creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was formed after the realization that patriotic Americans would resist the Institute of International Affairs if they discovered it was based in England, so the Institute was transformed into two seemingly separate Round Table Groups, with the CFR in the US, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in England

1929 – Paul Warburg Warns Insiders of the Coming Crash, a representative of a prominent German banking dynasty, and the primary mind to craft the FED on Jekyll Island in 1910, Warburg warned “If orgies of unrestricted speculation are permitted to spread too far … the ultimate collapse is certain … to bring about a general depression involving the whole country.”  -Financial Chronicle, March 9th

1929 – The Great Depression Hits on October 29th, only 16 years after the FED was created to “stabilize the economy”, this event had a detrimental impact on everyone except the FED insiders, who had inflated the US money supply 61% between 1923-1929 and then sold their shares after Warburg’s warning, allowing the insiders to buy up stocks for pennies on the dollar in the aftermath of the crash

1930 – The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created on May 17th as the “central bank of central banks” allowing for further manipulation of the global financial system by the international banking syndicate who created our FED and who have used the BIS as a tool for unprecedented resource consolidation in private hands 

1933 – Owning Gold was made Illegal with Executive Order 6260, which was passed on April 5th, and made it a federal crime, with penalties of a $10,000 fine and/or 10 years imprisonment for any law-abiding US citizen that was seeking to protect their wealth by simply possessing physical gold coins or bullion

1933 – The Creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which was initially justified as a way to protect people from reckless banks, but in reality the FDIC was created to protect banks from the free market, which is distorts by creating a moral hazard that is difficult to justify once you learn that only 2.5% of all bank deposits were lost because of failed banks during the Great Depression, which is approximately what we lose to the FED’s inflation each year, making it clear who the FDIC is really insuring and protetecting

1934 – The Price of Gold Was Raised from $20/oz to $35/oz, on January 30th, the Gold Reserve Act reduced the value of all Federal Reserve Notes and reduced the average Americans wealth by 43%

1934 – US Gold was transferred to The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) the transfer was made through the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and the FED has not had any gold since 1934

1938 – The Special Projects Laboratory (SPL) was created, and served as the precursor to the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO), which were both concealed deep within the NSA once it was formed in 1952

1939 – The Army Corps of Engineers Launched The Manhattan Project, illustrating the capacity of the American Empire to cloak projects in complete secrecy, despite 130,000 beings working on the project, which helps us to realize that other technologies exist without the general public being aware of them

1941 – Pearl Harbor False Flag on the 7th of December, there is a vast body of evidence that the Roosevelt Administration was aware of the attack and allowed it to happen as a catalyst to bring America into yet another international conflict

1944 – Bretton Woods Conference, which established the US dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) as the world reserve currency, meaning that all 44 allied countries agreed to buy and sell gold in dollars

1944 – The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) were created during the Bretton Woods conference, which lasted from June 1st – 20th and established cartel capitalism as the dominant ideology of the budding international economy

1945 – The USA Drops Nuclear Bombs on Japan, on August 6th and 9th, which accelerated the end of WWII and showed the United State’s capacity for violent destruction of a perceived “enemy”

1945 – The Joint Chiefs of Staff Launched Operation Paperclip, on July 20th, which brought over 1,500 Nazi scientist to the United States and integrated them into the military-media-industrial-national security-complex along with government agencies such as NASA

1947 – Truman signs the National Security Act, creating the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Council (NSC) click here for a timeline of CIA atrocities

1947 – The Department of Defense (DOD) was Created, continuing the buildup of the Military Industrial Complex during “peacetime”

1952 – The National Security Agency (NSA) was Created, and thus the largest branch of the Deep State or National Security Complex came into being

1953 – The CIA Stars in its first military Coup, when Kermit Roosevelt of the CIA ousted Mohhamad Mossadegh at the behest of British Petroleum (BP) and replaces him with the brutal Shah of Shahs who was beholden to Western corporate interests and ruled as a violent dictator until the Iranian revolution

1953 – Operation MK-ULTRA Begins, as the CIA starts experiments in mind control, which included electroshock, LSD, sensory deprivation, induced paralysis, and other forms of cruel and inhumane treatment, such as pouring cold water on subjects, putting them in cockroach filled cells, serving them bad food, and keeping them naked for extended periods of time

1954 – The Creation of The Bilderberg Group, which has brought together 120-150 corporate, banking, oil, media, government, and academic power brokers from Europe and North America every year, leading to the creation of the European Union (EU), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to name a few accomplishments of this group

1954 – CIA Backed Military Coup in Guatemala, ousting the democratically elected Jacob Arbenz and replacing him with a series of brutally violent dictators after Arbenz threatened to nationalize the Rockefeller and Bush owned United Fruit Company, in which CIA Director Allen Dulles also owned stock

1959 – US Military Aids Papa Doc Duvalier to Power in Haiti, he creates his own mercenary force called the “Tonton Macoutes” who would paint their faces and go around different towns with machetes, creating havoc while overseeing the death of 100,000 Haitians

1961 – Eisenhower’s Speech About the Military Industrial Complex, on January 17th, the former General warned the United States that a permanent arms industry of vast proportions created the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power, and that US citizens should be vigilant and well informed

1963 – Kennedy’s Green Hilton Agreement with President Sukarno, was signed on November 14th, and was an agreement between the United States and Indonesia, which would have began unlocking the Collateral Accounts, and allowed the US Treasury to once again create US currency, thus bypassing the privately owned Federal Reserve System and the interest that US citizens pay to the FED

1963 – Kennedy’s Assassination, on November 22nd (only 8 days after signing the Green Hilton Agreement) Kennedy was assassinated, and an abundance of evidence points to the CIA/Cabal/Corporatocracy, who were protecting their ability to create and control US currency, inflation, and interest rates via the FED

1964 – Gulf of Tonkin False Flag, on August 4th, which served as the catalyst to drag America into another war, and Robert McNamara, who was the first President of Ford from outside the Ford family, then held the title of Secretary of Defense during this event, has publicly admitted that “our judgement that we had been attacked that day was wrong, it didn’t happen” as a reward for his service to the corporatocracy, McNamara went on to become president of the World Bank Group

1965 – CIA Backed Military Coup Replaces Sukarno with Suharto, on October 1st and the death of approximately 1,000,000 Sukarno supporters followed, effectively blocking the unlocking of the Collateral Accounts, which are just now beginning to be opened up and used for the benefit of humanity in 2017

1966 – Professor Carroll Quigley Publishes “Tragedy and Hope”, was a professor at Georgetown University who studied the private records of the Powers that Were, and wrote glowing reviews of their strategy in his book: “this system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret arrangement, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences”

1967 – CIA Backed Military Coup in Greece, happens two days before elections that would have likely seen the popular George Papandreou elected, and when the Greek Ambassador objects to US plans for Cyprus, President Johnson responds with “fuck your Parliament and your Constitution”

1968 – Martin Luther King Assassinated on April 4th, and in 1999 it was determined in Memphis Courts that King’s assassination was spearheaded by US intelligence agencies, most notably the FBI headed at the time by J. Edgar Hoover, which was difficult to prove, because it is not possible to put a U.S. intelligence agency in the dock of a U.S. criminal court without authorization by the federal government, which has not been known to indict itself

1970 – CIA Backed Military Coup in Cambodia, ousting Prince Sahounek, who was popular among Cambodians for keeping the country out of the Vietnam War, and was replaced by a puppet of Washington, who quickly enters Cambodian troops into the war, thus strengthening once minor opposition parties like the Khmer Rouge, which achieved power in 1975 and massacred millions of its own people

1971 – The Nixon Administration Leaves the Gold Standard, on August 15th, starting a new era in human history, as the previous 4,000 years currencies had been backed by metals, this move was guided by Nixon’s advisors Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, and George Shultz who was fresh out of serving as President and Director of the Bechtel Group, which was one of the most powerful Multinationals within the Transnational Corporate Empire

1973 – The US Backs the Dollar with Oil, via a deal with the House of Saud of Saudi Arabia, which guaranteed the House of Saud military and political support, in exchange The House of Saud agreed not to participate in any future oil embargo, and to reinvest oil revenues in US Treasuries, this deal broke the back of OPEC

1975 – Ford and Kissinger meet with President Suharto of Indonesia, on December 6th and leaked documents from the national security archive reveal that Washington both approved and supplied the weapons that would be used in East Timor to kill 1/3rd of the population, approximately 200,000 people

1975  In Angola, Washington backs Jonas Savimbi, the brutal leader of UNITAS, and although congress cut off funds in 1976, Kissinger and the CIA was able to run the war off the books until 1984, when funding was legalized again, altogether bringing the death tole of this pointless war to over 300,000 Angolans

1975 – The Rockefeller Commission was established in an attempt to reduce the damage done by the Church Committee, to whitewash CIA history and to propose toothless reforms, as is reasonable to expect from Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, who was himself a major CIA figure, and who headed the commission alongside five of the commission’s eight members who were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is tightly interlocked with intelligence agencies

1979 – The CIA fails to predict the fall of the Shah of Iran, a longtime puppet of western banks and oil corporations, giving rise to Muslim fundamentalists who were furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police, leading to an act of revenge, as the Muslims took 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran

1988 – The CIA settles a lawsuit with victims of MKULTRA experiments, for a total of $750,000 divided amongst five patients at Montreal`s Allan Memorial Institute in the late 1950s, who were injected with repeated doses of mind-altering LSD, deprived of sleep, subjected to massive electroshock treatments and forced to listen to thousands of repetitions of taped messages taken from the most sensitive moments of their therapy sessions, all lead by Dr. Ewen Cameron who was the former President of The World Psychiatric Association

1991 –

1994 – Suppression of 4th gen

2001 –

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The Oil Oligarchy

Banking and oil interests began to work together to consolidate power on a global scale toward the end of the 19th century. Throughout the 20th century, this consolidation continued, and solutions that would have lead to a more sustainable future were quietly squeezed out of the market, because the oil and banking giants did not want their monopoly threatened. If we all power our homes with solar energy, we will reduce our impact on the Earth and decentralize the creation of energy, thus decentralizing power.

Something that is often missed by people who have done a lot of research into the corruption of global financial power structures, and who do not trust the UN, is that climate change is actually happening, and it is caused by humans. Even Exxon knew as early as 1978 that burning fossil fuels would cause man made climate change, but they copied the playbook of the tobacco industry to confuse the science and the public in order to avoid regulation for decades. Climate change is already and is going to continue to have a massive impact on all life forms on this planet, and it is important to understand that just because The Powers that Were are trying to leverage climate change to create a global carbon tax, does not mean that climate change is not happening. It is happening, and as it does with nearly all economic and environmental disasters, the Transnational Corporate Empire is going to try to leverage climate change to further consolidate control in fewer and fewer private hands. It is up to the collective to awaken and utilize the technologies that are already here to create the world that we all wish to inhabit. Click the green if you wish to learn more about the Co-Creation of the Regeneration.

Central Banks and Fiat Money

In 1910 a group of  international financiers and the most influential US Senator met on JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island to secretly create what would become the Federal Reserve System.

This cartoon offers a summary of the history of the Aldridge, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Warburg banking empire, the meeting at JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island, and the creation of The Federal Reserve, the IRS,  and the housing bubble in only thirty minutes. The end is a bit silly, but the information throughout is mostly accurate and has been well documented by journalists and authors who have spent their lives untangling the web of the international banking interests that gained control over the U.S. money supply in 1913, when Woodrow Wilson’s signature created the Federal Reserve System and the IRS.

Hidden organizations of massive influence

Transnational financial and corporate interests meet annually and covertly with key politicians and media moguls to strategize how best to extend their influence over the rest of us. We now awaken to find our society lost in consumerism, misinformation, and in the consistent shocks created by an old and increasingly obsolete system that has been desperately and violently clinging to power. The Powers That Were are guiding us down a path that guarantees the collapse of many of Earth’s ecosystems. Sustainable and decentralized solutions, get systematically suppressed for the benefit of the heads of big oil, the banking cartels, Wall Street, and the media/military industrial complex. The individuals and groups driving this system live in a perceived world of fear and scarcity, and inevitably are creating an external reality that is a mirror of this internal ignorance. We cannot fight this system and win. We must untangle and recognize the structures that uphold it, then simply remove our support from them and spend our energy building the new systems, technologies, and communities that will allow us to live in harmony and balance.

Shock Therapy and Overthrown Governments

This is only one example of the Western propaganda and war machines in action to remove the leadership of a Sovereign Nation in order to protect the petro-dollar and to consolidate resources in the hands of Western Corporations. Gaddafi was trying to create a gold backed currency in his country called the Dinar, which was a threat to the interests behind the Federal Reserve System.

The United States has been used as the military branch of the Transnational Corporate Empire to consolidate resources in the hands of the Corporatocracy, while suppressing any movement toward a form of currency that is not controlled by the Western Empire. After the United States left the gold standard in 1971, the Nixon administration was lead by Henry Kissinger, George Shultz and Richard Cheney to tie the US dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) to oil. This was done through a deal with the House of Saud of Saudi Arabia in 1973 and is clearly detailed by John Perkins in the 17th chapter (Audio Version) A New Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

Trade Agreements and The Rise of the economic hitman

The narrator of  this video is John Perkins, a brilliant and guilt stricken man with a vitally important perspective on geopolitics. He wrote about his actions as an Economic Hitman in ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’ and ‘The Secret History of the American Empire’ among others. These two books shine light on international banking, and the subversion of governments around the world by the Corporatocracy.

It is time for a u-turn: a re-turn to the flow of nature.