Subatomic Sunshine & The RE:EVOLution

Around the World We are Awakening to A New Vision,

Letting go of what has been,

Stepping into the future that we know we will co-create,

Where we all meditate,

Then rise up and initiate,

A healthy and thriving planet just in time,

In which every beings rights are equal, honored, and recognized.

A world powered by renewable energy,

In which local organic agriculture, upcycled materials and biomimicry,

Are the Standards of Global Industry.

A world that puts people and the planet ahead of corporate profit,

This evolution of consciouness is accelerating exponentially,

So eventually..

The international banking cartels (like the Federal Reserve System) will merge into it.

And we will watch as Each Corporation is rendered obsolete by a co-operative,

Which is intuitive,

Because this whole world is Fluid ~ energy

You, me, every mountain, car, bumble bee, and tree,

Are 99.9999% empty,

This is just a fact of the subatomic reality,

It’s an interconnected field of frequency,

Floating on this beautiful blue marble through infinite space,

And quantum mechanics has scientifically proven that all of reality is intimately interlaced,

Which is what buddhists, saints, yogis, and enlightened beings have been telling us for thousands of years,

Because the experience that we are all infinite consciousness, shatters all of our fears.