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was created on March 14th, 2014, and was born out of Loyola Marymount University’s Entrepreneurship program. Our motivation came from the realization  of the staggering implications of the climate, pollution and extinction crisis’ that have been accelerating on every continent. As chronicled in Reality Check, we have entered wholly unchartered territory as a species, and the consequences are reaching all life forms on our planet.


The site has evolved to be a simple and clear way of seeing the systems, families, and organizations that once kept us stuck on fossil fuels and the Federal Reserve’s Petrodollar. Both creating unprecedented waste and pollution, while consolidating our Earth’s resources on a massive scale, as documented in Our Establishment. It is essential that we see the hierarchies that once kept us in bondage so that we can remove our energy and support from these dysfunctional systems. Also on this online information hub, you will find a wide range of solutions in Our Regeneration, and an abundance of resources for accelerating the evolution of our consciousness in Our Evolution.


Initially, we intended to have Ourglass function as a sustainability consultancy, that would have helped companies save money while reducing their energy consumption, waste and negative impact. However, in our industry research, we realized that the market in Los Angeles was already saturated with green consulting firms, so we decided to take a different approach. In the summer of 2014, and in response to work with startups in The Los Angeles Clean Technology Incubator, we decided to pivot and become a strategic partnership agency for sustainable startups.


We realized the potential of partnerships to increase a startup’s customer base both efficiently and with very little risk, which made us first movers in the emerging industry of sustainable partnerships. We realized the power of connecting sustainable start-ups with environmentally conscious non-profit organizations to form Win6 partnerships.


In 2015, we were gifted the domain name EcoActive.com by a dear friend, and the mission became very clear. Ourglass would serve as the information hub that both informed and shifted the consciousness of beings who engaged with the site. From that elevated place of awareness and innerstanding, beings would be inspired to engage with EcoActive, which serves as the action hub. Instead of making partnerships between start-ups and environmental non-profits, EcoActive is a marketplace for sustainable products and services, currently featuring 222 solutions to make living sustainably and regeneratively easier for everyone. Each month, EcoActive partners with an environmental non-profit that sends their favorite solutions out to their email lists and social media, and EcoActive then donates 55.5% of its revenues to that non-profit.


In his book Conscious Capitalism, Whole Foods Co-Founder and CEO John Mackey describes a Win6 mentality, in which customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities and the environment experience benefits from a businesses operation. This is how we operate both Ourglass and EcoActive, which are working symbiotically together to accelerate the transition of business into a new expression of collaboration and regeneration, rather than competition and extraction.


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