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was created in response to the recognition of the staggering implications of the climate crisis that is accelerating on every continent. As chronicled in Reality Check, we are entering wholly unchartered territory as a species, and the consequences will reach all life forms on this planet.


Initially, Ourglass was going to function as a sustainability consultancy, that would have helped companies save money by reducing their energy consumption. However, in our industry research, we realized that the market was already saturated with green consulting firms, so we decided to take a different approach. In the summer of 2014, and in response to work with startups in The Los Angeles Clean-Technology Incubator, we decided to pivot and become a strategic partnership agency for sustainable startups.


We realized the potential of partnerships to increase a startup’s customer base both efficiently and with very little risk, which would allow us to be first movers in the emerging industry of sustainable partnerships. We are aiding the transition of business into a new age of collaboration and regeneration, rather than competition and extraction.


In his book Conscious Capitalism, Whole Foods Co-Founder and CEO John Mackey describes a Win6 mentality, in which customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities and the environment experience benefits. Ourglass is here to form Win6 partnerships, in which the startups, partner organizations, shareholders, customers, communities and the planet benefit.


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