Our Destabilization

Overview of Global Climate Ascension This section is a brief overview of the unprecedented planetary shifts that humanity is navigating. Looking at history (his-story) to help us see where we are headed this century can be misleading, because much of his-story has been warped to fit agendas of human enslavement, and just like human population and technology, our impact on the planet has been accelerating exponentially. There were 2.6 billion people on the planet in 1950 and there are projected to be 9.2 billion by 2050, which is an increase of 6.6 billion people in just 100 years.1  That being said, the...
Overview of Global Climate Ascension

This section is a brief overview of the unprecedented planetary shifts that humanity is navigating. Looking at history (his-story) to help us see where we are headed this century can be misleading, because much of his-story has been warped to fit agendas of human enslavement, and just like human population and technology, our impact on the planet has been accelerating exponentially. There were 2.6 billion people on the planet in 1950 and there are projected to be 9.2 billion by 2050, which is an increase of 6.6 billion people in just 100 years.1  That being said, the richest 500 million people on the planet have contributed approximately 50% of all pollution.2  The historic environmentally unconscious systems of the petro-dollar / Old World Oder / cartel capitalism ran up against natural barriers in every direction, and it has become clear that humanity is ready to evolve, and in the experience of moving beyond this fiat (monopoly/backed by nothing) except oil and war, reptilian brain programming of divided destruction, we will each claim our sovereignty as all nations of Gaia return to a hard asset backed currency, and the stolen wealth of many centuries of warfare by Skull and Bone pirates, will be redistributed to humanity, as all debt is seen for what it truly is, an illusion.


As we will articulate in Our Evolution, humanity is now living in an exponential evolution of consciousness that has been prophesied for centuries by over 200 ancient civilizations. Most of us in the West only heard about the end of the Mayan Calendar, which many felt wasn’t worth looking into, because it may have said it was the end of the world, and we learned not to give energy to end of the world narratives after Y2K in the turning of the centuries within the confines of the Gregorian Calendar. The Mayan Calendar marked the end of time, not the end of experience, but the end of our consciousness experiencing itself as lost in linear time.


We are ascending to a higher vibrational frequency, and in this increased energetic, we are witnessing temperature increases across our solar system, not just on our planet. The energy streaming from our sun along with the energy on our planet, which is measured as the Schumann Resonance is NOW of a higher vibrational frequency, as we have navigated around the destructive timeline of chaos envisioned by that aspect of us that many have called the Cabal, Deep State, Shadow Government or Banking Bloodlines, who through control of the Federal Reserve System (FED) and Petro-Dollar  tried to keep humanity stuck on fossil fuels (the 666 technology, as carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons). This was the timeline of overshooting our ascension and taking a turn into an overheated and hellish co-creative experience of elitist trans-humans merging their consciousness with technology to achieve immortality in this dimension and density, while killing off 90% – 95% of Our human population and enslaving the rest through a surveillance police state, microchipped, cashless, backed by nothing, crypto currency, which was intended to be a scaled up version of the debt slavery that the US and world experienced through the service to self members of the Rothschild, Warburg, Morgan, Rockefeller, Harriman and other families who ruled over humanity over the last 3 centuries, with the roots of these bloodlines in Ancient ‘Babylon’, the etymology of which is “gates of gods”. This was being created and implemented from behind the curtain of the corporate conglomerate mockingbird media, which has been funded by these international bankers who once controlled the FED, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Bank of International Settlements.



This global march of Empire was a coordinated agenda of enslavement run through The Bilderberg Group and Committee of 300, distributing its agenda through opinion papers from the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. We have now dismantled this global power structure that manifested as a financial cartel of usury, and fractional reserve banking fraud, that used the petro-dollar as a key instrument in the creation of intentional wars for power, profit, the consolidation of resources and depopulation of the planet, all the while inflating the artificial fiat currency and tightening the shackles of debt slavery.



We NOW stand as a global family, in oneness and equality, and co-create peace on Earth and intergalactic harmony; a toroidal field of unconditional Heart love expressing ourselves in eternity, not through technology, but through our multi-dimensional spiritual capacity, experienced by mystics, saints, indigenous elders, and yogis, that is available now for all beings who have joyously co-created a reality of conscious, flourishing, and regenerative communities. With the guiding insight of Common Law, Spiritual Law, Universal Law, which is also Constitutional Law, we are focused on non-violation of any being’s inalienable rights.


We also looked to the Constitution to reclaim our power from the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel (FED) which was creating money with debt as its base by buying Treasury Bonds that paid interest, which was once gathered as income tax by the IRS. We have transitioned back to Congress issuing and coining our currency, as the Constitution mandates, allowing us to dissolve the IRS and interest payments to the FED, while funding everything else with a 14% – 17% sales tax collected on non-essential items purchased. The Trump admin initiated ending payments to the IRS, using the COVID-19 psychological operation (psyop) as the excuse, which was initially a Deep State plan for destructive implementation of the 666 timeline mentioned above, that was stealthily neutralized through addressing the weaponized 5G (60GHz frequency) and then the PlanDemic was flipped to allow the Earth Alliance backing Trump to carry out big arrests (ankle bracelets) tracked until the opportune time to unveil, and for Marine’s Special Forces to liberate more Dark Fleet controlled Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.) and to liberate over 30,000 more children from ritualistic abuse, rape and torture. While simultaneously initiating the beginning of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) implemented under GESARA, as the FED was folded into the US Treasury and two of the last great sources of revenue for the Old World Order (inflation & income tax), thus cutting off the funding for these unacknowledged trafficking operations by eliminating interest payments to the FED, which cuts off dividend payments to the old world’s largest and most corrupt investment banks such as UBS, CITI, CHASE, etc. Our collective shadow of hidden enslavement was global and highly interconnected.


The Powers That Were had poisoned and infected our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. Trans-generational seeds of trauma were sown, through war machine media propaganda, and poison pills of the Pharmaceutical Pharmakos Empire. All is divinely orchestrated, despite what it may seem from a subjective perspective, as all of the chaos added fuel to the fire of our exponential awakening, the actualization of countless ancient prophecies of the rainbow people, the meek and selfless, hearts filled with love and compassion, have now inherited the Earth and we breathe regeneration and love out to all beings, continents and ecosystems.

Over the last 8 years, we have looked at the most important angles of the current global pollution situation that we could find, and what follows is an aggregate of that information. By recognizing that people and organizations have often become attached to their ideas by making them into a part of their sense of self, at Ourglass we keep an open mind and do our best to review all relevant information without pre-judging it. Only in this way can we go beyond the constraints of cognitive dissonance to form a coherent narrative rooted in truth, which allows each of us to co-create the strategies that will help humanity to navigate what has been a complex and sometimes chaotic global reality.

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We have done our best over the last 8 years to be meta-journalists that not only transcend this physical density with our direct experience of our interconnected and co-created reality, but also to synthesize a broad array of perspectives, ranging from the evolution of consciousness and climate ascension, to the dissolving global financial hierarchy and the regeneration of our earth and our humanity.


What follows is a synthesis of information, wisdom, and insights primarily from books written by many of the best journalists on our planet. I also weave in on the ground experiences, and in person conversations with many beings who are among the most well informed about the truths of our reality, and how to leverage the great unveiling into the co-creation of peace on earth in perpetuity. Dissolved are banking cartels such as the Federal Reserve System and the Bank of England, privately owned by the largest investment banks, who were shareholders receiving dividends from interest paid as income tax through private corporations like the IRS. I am not a corporation. I am, just as we all are, a sovereign being, if you cut me, I bleed. I am not a fiction, I am not a corporate sole, I am not subject to Admiralty jurisdiction, and we have remembered that spiritual law is the highest law. I Am. We Are. Sovereign and Interconnected in our wholeness. Happy World Peace NOW <3


The sections below have been read and advised on by a climate scientist from Columbia University whose ocean research is referenced in the Sixth Extinction, written by Elizabeth Kolbert. The climate scientist wrote me 7 points of confusion as well as suggestions for upgrading what was originally written, and it has been updated as recently as May, 23rd, 2020.


When I was first writing this section in 2015, I researched what it would be like to study climate science in Germany and traveled to Berlin with a dear friend from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).


Then through reading books and listening to them on Audible, I learned of the corruption and scam of big oil, then fractional reserve banking, then central banking, then the investment banking bloodlines, also referred to as Bloodlines of Babylon, which were created through the in vitro fertilization of “royal” Annunaki bloodlines along with Wolfen Beings form the Sirius Star system, who created two subspecies within the human template, who then worked with the Draco Reptilians and the multidimensional Archon energies to leveraged the reptilian brain within humanity, the survival of the fittest mentality to create the chaos on Earth since the fall from multi-dimensional spiritual consciousness on Tarra, with the sinking of Atlantis. We learned of this plot of global enslavement with gratitude, because it was the nightmare that shook us awake from the dream of duality, limitation and scarcity, which all served as the perfect trigger for the activation of a global army of Sovereign #EvolutionaryRevolutionaries #TransnationalAwakening #AllisSelf #HundredthMonkey #AllLifeIsSacred emanating compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and heart centered connection with all beings, in all moments, in eternity, living with free energy, in peace, and infinite prosperity. Much of these insights come in later sections on this site, and as you can see, I decided against further mainstream indoctrination disguised as education, once I learned the extent to which those same international financial interests warped our education and research institutions on a global scale, which you will learn more about in the Our Establishment Section.


We are ascending to a higher dimensional experience on our planet, and with or without and increase in greenhouse gas emissions, we would have been experiencing warming. That is because we are moving into a part of our galaxy that has a higher energetic frequency and is a large reason why our experience on Earth right now is evolving exponentially. These transitions are caused by the Precession of the Equinox, which is a 25,920 year cycle that ended in 2012, just in time for a new nearly 26,ooo year Golden Age that will last eternally during our prophesied time of peace and prosperity. The Schumann Resonance is also increasing, so this is causing a warming effect all on its own, and because science and education was funded by the same bankers who wanted to enslave humanity, there has been no mention of these ascension events within the Climate Sciences taught all around our world. Gaia is sentient, and she feels what we feel, she is holding the space of unconditional love so that humanity can evolve and transcend the plagues of fear, violence, war, poverty and shame. Yes, greenhouse gases allow photons form the sun in and trap infrared heat going back out, however because the Climate Sciences have not factored in the Precession of the Equinox, the Schumann Resonance, and the Earth’s sentience, there is no way to know how much of the warming is natural and how much is caused by humans.


In general this entire topic has been used by international bankers to through the controlled mockingbird media to create fear and to chip away at national sovereignty, while consolidating the power to make decisions on a global scale under the guise of “saving humanity” from the climate catastrophe through the implementation of the first truly global system of taxation of a resources that humanity was artificially stuck using because the true solutions were suppressed. The runaway Global Warming narratives were fear mongering, because as I said, we are ascending, and to prove to any climate advocates who might think I am a climate “denier  or “skeptic” that I know the old climate model inside and out, and therefor am sharing these insights from a place of true awareness and knowledge, I include a concise summary of the mainstream climate science narratives on global climate destabilization, with little insights sprinkled throughout to point out the limitations of his mainstream narrative that 97% of climate scientist apparently have agreed upon, including the climate scientist from Colombia who read, edited, and approved of the majority of what follows below. Finally, and arguable of most value, at the very bottom of this page, you will find a substantial list of solutions that were suppressed for over a century, along with an explanation of how this was possible. This final section brings so much hope and optimism to see how quickly the pollution problems will be render obsolete now that the center of power on our planet has shifted form the elitist Babylon Bloodline Bankers to We the Sovereign Beings of Earth.

Causes of Global Climate destabilization
The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect gets its name from greenhouses used for farming. The glass of a greenhouse allows the sun’s light to pass through the glass in the form of a photon, which is absorbed by the plants and soil in the greenhouse, then radiated back toward the glass as infrared heat. Unlike the photon that passes right through the glass, the infrared heat (which is still light, but has a longer wavelength than a photon) gets trapped on its way out, and the greenhouse heats up. Our atmosphere behaves in a very similar way, except that we have greenhouse gases (GHGs) trapping heat instead of glass. Of particular interest are carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) because these are both powerful GHGs that are being rapidly increased by human activities. GHGs in our atmosphere are very important, and without them, Earth’s global average temperature would be below freezing. That being said, our relentless release of these gases has thrown off the planet’s relative equilibrium and is sending human civilization into unchartered territory. Perhaps the most urgent insight about our climate system is that there is a 40 year lag between our GHG emissions and the consequent trapping of heat, primarily due to the thermal inertia of our oceans. Think of how a pot of water takes time to reach the temperature of the flame directly beneath it. This means that the warming we are currently experiencing is from all our emissions leading up to 1975. It also means that even if we transition to 100% zero-point and renewable energy and eliminate industrial animal agriculture right now, we would still have at least four decades of exponential warming built into the climate system.

Here’s the proof of interplanetary climate change, which is NASA’s hottest secret. We can look at all of the planets and the sun, and see changes just as we see on Earth, and I am going to show you a little bit of that. This is a composite graph of  solar activity, based on core samples from the Antarctic and the Arctic, and what you’re seeing is the total amount of sun spot activity. This is what it has been doing in the last few years. We are now at a point where the only time the solar activity was higher than it is right now, just so conveniently happens to be 11,000 years ago, which in the ancient teachings is associated with what? What happened 11,000 years ago? Atlantis fell, right? Could that have been related to solar activity? ~David  Wilcock

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Greenhouse Gases

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): the pre-industrial revolution levels of CO2 were approximately 270 parts per million (ppm) and the current levels as of April, 2015 are 404 ppm. Climate scientists can travel back in time using data found in ice cores from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The bubbles in the ice trap ancient air, which allows scientist to determine levels of CO2 and methane, whereas the chemical composition of the ice allows them to determine the temperature. This has allowed them to create detailed CO2 and temperature records going back 800,000 years. Not only do temperature and CO2 have a very obvious positively correlated relationship, but it is also clear that in this timeframe, CO2 never went above 300 ppm. The last time CO2 was at its current levels was around 3.6 million years ago during the middle Pliocene. During the Pliocene, there was no ice on Greenland. CO2 levels also went above 400 ppm around 14 million years ago. During this period, oceans were 25-40 meters higher than today, while temperatures were 3-6 °C warmer, which is a good indicator of where our current climate is heading.1

Methane (CH4): pre industrial revolution concentrations of methane were 700 parts per billion (ppb) in stark contrast to the current level of 1,800 ppb. This is a widely debated topic, but the most consistent agreement that we have found is that methane traps 84 times more heat than CO2 for every year that it is in the atmosphere, but it only persists for a quarter of the lifespan of CO2. This means that over the course of its life in the atmosphere, methane traps 21 times more heat than CO2.

Fossil Fuels

The primary cause of human accelerated Global Climate Change is the burning of fossil fuels. We have been burning over 30 Gigatons (a gigaton is a billion tons) every year, and this figure has been increasing by  3% every year. Almost everything we do, from toasting bread and making coffee to driving our cars and heating our homes requires the burning of fossil fuels, unless a person has solar panels or is harnessing some other form of zero- point or renewable energy. A common argument from climate change skeptics is that volcanoes emit far more CO2 than humans ever could, so it is not possible that our species is having an impact on the climate. At the 12:40 minute mark of the 12th episode of Cosmos, Neil deGrasse Tyson says that the largest scientific estimate for CO2 released by volcanoes each year is 500 million tons, which is less than 2% of the over 30 billion tons that humans release annually. We are a very powerful force of nature, and we are rapidly disrupting the stable climate that has allowed human civilization to live in a relatively stable climate since the last ice age ended around 11,000 years ago. That being said, Earth’s temperature would be increasing without our help, as our sun and galaxy infuse Our Earth with higher dimensional light and energy, which is increasing our coherence and frequency, as is shown by the massive increases in the Schumann Resonance. It is important to bring forth the historically suppressed energy technologies that are elaborated on in the last section on this page, because we want our multi-dimensional ascension to be graceful and gradual, rather than abrupt and destructive due to human created pollution.

Animal Agriculture

The second largest contributor to climate change, and many would argue an equal cause of global climate disruption, has been industrialized animal agriculture. Although most green groups have ignored the impacts of industrial animal agriculture, a 2009 Worldwatch report written by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang said that animal agriculture was responsible for 51% of warming from greenhouse gas emissions, because methane traps so much more heat than CO2. Animal agriculture has also been the leading cause of freshwater depletion, dead zones in aquatic ecosystems, habitat loss, and deforestation. According to the documentary Cowspiracy, a remarkable 91% of all deforestation in the Amazon has been to make room for the raising and grazing of cattle. As mentioned above, every year, a single methane molecule traps 84 times more heat than a CO2 molecule. This means that since methane only persists in the atmosphere for a quarter the time of CO2, reducing it decreases warming 324 times faster than reducing an equal amount of CO2: (84 x 4 =324).

Impacts of global climate destabilization
The Sixth Extinction

Five major extinction events have taken place in our Earth’s history, and we have been in the middle of a sixth. Unlike the previous five, however, this one has been caused by humans, and is primarily being driven by the suppression of energy solutions, alongside an extractive mindset conditioned to pursue endless growth. The following  statement demonstrates our impact: “half of the world’s tropical and temperate forests are now gone. The rate of deforestation in the tropics continues at a rate of an acre per second. About half of the wetlands and a third of the mangroves are now gone. An estimated 90% of the large predator fish are gone, and 75% of marine fisheries are either over fished or fished at capacity. 20% of the corals are gone and another 20% are severely threatened. Species are disappearing at rates about 1,000 times faster than normal. The planet has not seen such a spasm of extinction in over 65,000,000 years, since the dinosaurs disappeared. Over half of the agricultural land in dry regions suffers from some degree of deterioration and desertification. Persistent toxic chemicals can now be found by the dozens in essentially each and every one of us.”1  Seven years have passed since this book was published and the negative impact of our species on all life on the planet has continued to grow exponentially. “Today, amphibians enjoy the dubious distinction of being the world’s most endangered class of animals. It has been calculated that the groups extinction rate could be as much as 45,000 times higher than the background rate. But extinction rates among many other groups are approaching amphibian levels. It is estimated that a third of all reef building corals, a third of all freshwater mollusks, a third of sharks and rays, a quarter of all mammals, a fifth of all reptiles and a sixth of all birds are headed toward oblivion. The losses are occurring all over: in the South Pacific and in the North Atlantic, in the Arctic and the Sahel, in lakes and on islands, on mountain tops and in valleys. If you know how to look, you can probably find signs of the current extinction event in your own backyard”.2  This may be the single thing that future generations have the hardest time accepting – the reality that they cannot experience the wondrous biodiversity of this planet, because their recent ancestors followed a belief system that degraded our Earth’s ecosystems in the pursuit of paper. The U.S. left the gold standard in 1971 under the leaderships of Richard Nixon and his advisors Dick Cheney, George Schultz, and Henry Kissinger.3 This is when our currency truly became fiat money and thus has fallen into a similar category as monopoly money, which means that we have been destroying the natural world in the pursuit of money that is not backed by anything other than war, oil and faith in the U.S. financial system. That being said, all of the genetic information of all life on our planet is accessible in the higher dimensions, and our Earth along with strategically placed crystals across her surface holds the records for all that has happened here, so on a deeper level, this living library of light is never truly lost or damaged.


The rate of extinction is now about 400 times that recorded through recent geological time and is accelerating rapidly. If we continue on this path, the reduction of diversity seems destined to approach that of the great natural catastrophes at the end of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras, in other words, the most extreme for 65 million years.  ~Edward O. Wilson

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We have become frighteningly effective at altering nature. ~ Sylvia Earle

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Ocean Acidification

Unfortunately, the oceans have absorbed more than just heat; around 30% to 40% of all the CO2 that we have burned since the industrial revolution has been absorbed by the oceans. The pH of the oceans has not changed this quickly in millions of years, and since the industrial revolution, we have made the oceans around 30% more acidic. When carbon dioxide mixes with water, carbonic acid is formed. This has been threatening shellfish and coral reefs, because the increased acidity has made it difficult for them to form calcified structures such as skeletons and shells. As the oceans have heated up and become more acidic, they have become less biodiverse. For instance, jelly fish grow faster and produce more young in warmer waters. More jellyfish has meant fewer fish, both because jellyfish eat their larvae and outcompete them for food. Massive jellyfish blooms have taken place with increasing frequency. In the Sea of Japan, there has been a huge increase in clogged fishing nets due to a bloom of 500 million Nomura jellyfish, each of which are more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) in diameter.1  If we continue business as usual (burning fossil fuels and overfishing our oceans), we are likely to experience a mass ocean extinction before 2050. According to the Director of the Apollo-Gaia project David Wasdell, phytoplankton are at the bottom of the food chain in the oceans, and their numbers have already decreased by 40% due to acidification and warming. Phytoplankton are responsible for the creation of at least 50% of the oxygen on Earth and are a massive carbon sink; as they disappear, the Earth’s ability to turn CO2 into oxygen decreases significantly. This is just one of the clear indications that we have already been in the sixth great extinction in Earth’s history. Click here or a 21 minute overview on ocean acidification.

Temperature Rise

Global average temperatures have only risen 0.8° celsius (C), or 1.5° fahrenheit (F), using 1900 as the baseline year. As chronicled below, the impacts of this have already been immense. Although 0.8 °C does not sound like much, the difference in global average temperature between right now and the last ice age is only around 6 °C. Because Earth is such a complex and dynamic system, it is difficult to estimate how hot our planet will get during this century. It is likely that any computer models that do not integrate reinforcing feedbacks will be dangerously conservative, meaning that global average temperature rise will be much greater than the models predict. That being said, James Lovelock and the Gaia hypothesis, fused with our spiritual knowing and multi-dimensional consciousness reminds us that Earth is a sentient being. Gaia is capable of balancing and harmonizing through all of the unconscious pollution and destruction that humanity has co-created. Earth is not a victim, she is holding the space of unconditional love and patience as our golden age is birthed within and upon her. Bill McKibben and 350.org created a campaign based on three numbers called “Do The Math.” The first number is 2 °C, which is the amount of warming above the 1900 baseline that every country in attendance at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit committed to staying below. The only thing on which there is a political agreement is that 2 °C of warming is too much. Due to the large impact of the current 0.8° C warming, many climate scientists think that 2° C is actually a route to climate chaos. Despite this, scientists determine how much CO2 could be emitted into the atmosphere while having an 80% chance of staying below 2 °C warming. The number they arrived at was 565 gigatons (a gigaton is a billion tons). As of 2013, we burned over 30 gigatons every year, and at current rates of increase, we will burn through this limit before 2030. The third and most daunting number is 2,795 gigatons. This is the amount of proven carbon that is currently accounted for in the reserves of the coal, oil and gas companies and countries worldwide. This number is 5 times higher than the amount of CO2 that the most conservative governments on Earth think is safe to burn. Put another way, we need to keep 80% of the fossil fuels that have already been factored into the financials of these companies and countries, in the ground.3  An estimate for how much that 80% is worth is 21.6 trillion dollars, and because fossil fuels have been controlled by the wealthiest corporations, individuals and families on the planet, there was a powerful resistance to any movement that would cause those fossil fuels to remain in the ground.4  People and organizations who want to mitigate the worst impacts of global climate disruption (climate change and ocean acidification) are finding ways to inspire the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet to part ways with around 10 trillion dollars in sunk costs and 21.6 trillion dollars in potential revenue. Once the zero-point energies discussed in the last section of the page are unleashed, this process will unfold with grace and ease. The information above demonstrates that the business plan of the fossil fuel industry, if carried out, would scientifically and mathematically disrupt Earth’s ecosystems.


“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.”
~ Albert Einstein

It is worth noting that at the 13:00 minute mark of Cowspiracy, a respected and well informed environmental author and researcher named Dr. Richard Oppenlander says that even without any more fossil fuel consumption, we would exceed the 565 Gigatons that were mention in ‘Do The Math’ before 2030, “all simply by raising and eating livestock”.

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Melting glaciers

All around the world, glaciers have been melting. Many people have not understood or appreciated the vital importance of glaciers for the year-round supply of water for agriculture and hydroelectric energy production. We have lived in the sweetest of sweet spots since the end of the last ice age, around 11,000 years ago. Since then, it has been warm enough for agriculture on most continents, but cold enough to have glaciers that supply a steady runoff for agricultural production during the dry season.1 All around the world, glaciers have been in rapid retreat. South America may be glacier free by 2025.2  In 2009 the 18,000 year old Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia, once home to the worlds highest elevation ski resort, completely disappeared.2 As temperatures rise, there has been more intense flooding during the wet season, because the precipitation falls as rain rather than snow. This also has created mega droughts, because as of now, we have no way of replacing the massive storage capacity that glaciers provide, which means that we will have no way of storing the water for the dry season. As they disappear, large famines may continue to become more prominent, because floods and droughts are not conducive to agriculture. The loss of ice threatens countless species and entire ecosystems all around the world, especially at the poles. This is affecting young and juveniles of different species first and worst because they are most sensitive to environmental changes and pollution. Also, there has been a general decrease in fertility because reproduction is one of the first functions to shut down when full grown animals experience environmental stress and food shortages.

Rising Seas

A basic law of physics is that when water warms, it expands. In the oceans thermal expansion has caused sea levels to rise. Luckily, thermal expansion will only cause the oceans to rise between 20 cm (7.8 in) and 50 cm (19.7 in) this century.1  Melting glaciers also increase sea levels, but even if all the glaciers completely melted, they do not have enough water to raise sea levels beyond 30 cm (11.8 in). Melting sea ice does not increase sea levels, because the ice is floating on the water and therefore has already displaced as much water as it will when it melts. However, it takes 80 times more energy to melt ice than it takes to raise the temperature of water from 0 °C to 1 °C.2  This means that once the sea ice has all melted, ocean temperatures will rise much faster because it takes far less energy to warm the temperature of water than it takes to transmute it from ice into water. In essence, we will have eliminated one of the worlds largest air conditioners.2  When we hear climate scientists talk about large changes in sea levels, they are talking about changes to the ice sheets. The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets hold enough water to raise sea levels by approximately 80 m or 262 ft. Scientists have no way of knowing how quickly the melting will happen, but those at the forefront of studying the changes predict a sea level rise between 80 cm (2.6 ft) and 2 m (6.5 ft) by 2100.3 These numbers may prove to be conservative as positive feedbacks accelerate the rate of warming beyond what current models and observations have lead scientists to predict. Just like the increase of our global population and our greenhouse gas emissions thus far, sea level rise may be an exponential phenomena. With only one meter of sea level rise, 17% of Bangladesh would be underwater and 20 million people would be permanently displaced. To cope with this potential reality, India has already built militarized fences to prevent millions of climate refugees from crossing the border.4  An example of the potential impacts of sea level rise that may be closer to home, can be found in California. The Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta provides water to 20 million Californians and is below sea level. The fresh water is protected from salt water intrusion by levees, like in New Orleans. As seas rise and storms grow in intensity, many levees could collapse at once, shutting down the water supply to 20 million Californians for months. California may update the levee infrastructure before this threat is realized, but this serves as an example that all countries are at risk from climate change.5

Could the oceans really rise 10 feet in the next 50 years?


Perhaps the residents of California will invest in upgrading the levees in the delta or protecting themselves in some other way. Resisting the ocean, however, is not for the faint of heart. One wonders whether that project will become enough of a political priority to generate the needed investments. If seas rise by a meter or more and if climate change brings more and stronger storms, it seems likely that the most populous state in the country will eventually lose a critical source of fresh water. ~Andrew T. Guzman

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Super Storms

As Earth’s systems have warmed up, the oceans have absorbed the majority of the heat. So far the oceans have absorbed around 90% of the additional heat that has been trapped by our greenhouse gas emissions.1  Not only has this accelerated the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, but because heat is energy, when a hurricane, cyclone or typhoon crosses over warmer waters, it increases in intensity. That being said, it is very difficult to differentiate if a the increase in storm intensity and frequency is from increased greenhouse gasses, or if it is caused by the weaponization of weather by the Military Industrial complex through HAARP and Geo-engineering, also known as chemtrails. Also, there has been an increase in flooding because a warmer atmosphere holds more water vapor, but this fact could also offset the drought conditions caused by shrinking glaciers. In the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, we use the word hurricane to describe tropical storms of sufficient strength. In the Indian Ocean, those storms are referred to as cyclones, and in the Western Pacific, they are known as typhoons. During the 15 years between 1975 and 1989 there were 171 storms classified as category 4 or 5, the strongest and most destructive categories. During the next 15 years, from 1990-2004, there were 269 storms classified as category 4 and 5.1  Another sobering set of statistics is that from 1970-1980 there were 656 extreme weather events, including: droughts, floods, wildfires, extreme temperature events and tropical storms. From 2000-2010 there were 3,764 extreme weather events, more than five times the amount that occurred only three decades earlier.2  The costs of these storms is staggering. The estimated cost of Hurricane Sandy was $65 billion, and so far 2011 set the record for the costliest year ever for disasters, with total damages reaching at least $380 billion.2

Increases in Wildfires

As glaciers retreat and disappear, the water is no longer stored and slowly released throughout the year. Instead, the majority of water comes down from the mountains during the wet season as rain, which means that the trees begin to dry earlier each year. Another reason why climate change has made forests drier is that a wetter atmosphere holds more water vapor, which causes more water to evaporate from the soil. Drier trees and increased droughts have caused forests all around the world to be more susceptible to catching fire. With melting glaciers, decreasing soil moisture and increasing temperatures, we are in the age of mega droughts and mega fires, and it is important to realize that the glaciers will likely not stop melting until they are completely gone. Another factor that contributes to an increase in wildfires is an increase in lightning. For every 1 °C increase in global average temperatures, incidences of lighting increases by 6%, according to climate scientist Amanda Staudt.1  In just one day in June 2008, lightning caused the ignition of 1,700 different wildfires in California, which burned one million square miles and set a new state record.1  “The average California fire season now runs 78 days longer than it did in the 1970’s and 1980’s.”2  Again, it is difficult to differentiate if the increase has been due to climate change, or if it has been manipulation by the US branch of the Cabal called the Deep State. Through weather control, California’s droughts were intensified, and Boeing’s YAL-1 lasers have been used to start the recent fires that have burned with unprecedented intensity.   There are several other important impacts of forest fires. Most significantly, they release millions of tons of CO2, which causes more warming. They also kill of large areas of trees, which makes these areas more prone to floods, and when floods do occur, they have been more damaging. This is because the dead trees no longer absorb runoff water, and their roots no longer hold the soil together, which has increased erosion.

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Amplifying Feedbacks and Exponential Change
Melting Ice

As ice melts, less light from the sun is reflected back to space and more heat from the sun is absorbed by the dark blue oceans. Although the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that we would not see an ice free Arctic before 2050, if current melting rates continue, we may see an ice free Arctic by 2025.1 If the rate of melting ice increases, we could see an ice free Arctic before 2020. If our planet arrives at an ice free Arctic, the increased amount of heat that will be absorbed by the oceans instead of reflected as light back to space, will be 70% as much heat as is currently trapped by all of the greenhouse gases that humans have released since the industrial revolution.2 This increased absorption of heat causes faster ice loss, which causes more heat absorption, which causes even faster ice loss, which causes even greater heat absorption, and this continues until all the ice is gone. This feedback alone is staggering, but it is only one of many such feedbacks that the IPCC neglects to factor into its climate models. Climate change deniers often say that the IPCC is influenced by politics and that they overstate their projections in an effort to unnecessarily regulate private industry. In reality, this bureaucratic body, which runs on consensus and is wary of overstating its findings for fear of being attacked by fossil fuel interests, has been making predictions that are decades behind what those on the front-lines of climate science have been recording in real time.

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Decreased Albedo

The albedo of a surface describes its reflectivity – two examples: white paint has a higher albedo than black paint, just as white car seats reflect more light and thus absorb less heat than black ones. As the ice sheets melt, their albedo decreases because the jagged ice crystals that used to reflect the sunlight back to space are now melting and absorbing more sunlight as heat. As the Glaciologist Jason Box said: “You can see it with your naked eye, think of the way wet sand is darker than dry.” Fresh snow bounces back 84% of the light that hits it; even before it melts, rounded crystals can reflect as little as 70%. Pure slushy snow saturated by water–which gives it a dark-grey cast, or even a bluish tint–is as little as 60% reflective. Add dust or soot impurities, and the albedo drops below 40%”.1  Jason’s albedo measurements of the Greenland Ice Sheet show that the albedo has dropped from 74% in 2000 to 65% in 2010, and then fell an astonishing 4% at some elevations in 2011; down to 61%. During the summer of 2011, the entire Greenland Ice Sheet turned liquid and began melting simultaneously for the first time in recent human history. In contrast to 1970, the increased amount of energy that is being absorbed every summer by the Greenland ice sheet (due to its decreased albedo) is the equivalent of all the energy consumed by the United States every year. This increase in heat absorption has caused a sharper decline in the albedo, which has caused greater heat absorption, which accelerates climate change.

Methane release

As discussed before, for every year that methane is in the atmosphere, it traps 84 times more heat than CO2, which is important, because there is methane trapped all over the planet and climate change has already caused large amounts of it to be released. Icy clathrates, also referred to as methane hydrates, are methane molecules frozen in little ice crystals, and they are abundant in both the Arctic and Antarctic. As the oceans have warmed, the ice crystals have been melting and releasing more methane. The permafrost also stores massive amounts of methane, and warmer temperatures can cause the frozen vegetation to thaw and decay. Think of how frozen vegetables rot if a freezer breaks while a family is away on vacation. This causes methane to be released, which is important because a recent estimate on how much methane is trapped in the frozen permafrost was 1,600 gigatons (a gigaton is a billion tons.) A reasonable estimate for how much methane will be released from the permafrost this century is 100 gigatons, which would have the equivalent warming impact of 270 years of burning fossil fuels. Unlike our cars, trucks, planes, factories and factory farms, we cannot shut this source off; it is taking on a life of its own. The methane molecules trap more heat, which causes more melting, which releases more methane, which traps even more heat, and this cycle continues indefinitely. To see why methane release and melting sea ice matter, click here for a 20 minute video by climate scientists who research this amplifying feedback. 

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As climate change accelerates, forests are having a hard time adapting, and the Earth is losing one of its largest carbon sinks. It is as if we are in a boat that is sinking, and we are using a bucket to remove the water, but our bucket keeps getting more holes in it. Add the impact of deforestation for wood, paper, and industrial agriculture, and it is easy to see that our forests have been in trouble. An interesting phenomena of forests is that they move moisture from the oceans across continents. For example, in the Amazon, the water evaporates from the oceans and falls on the nearby rainforest. It then re-evaporates in a process called transpiration and falls again further inland. After six of these cycles, it makes it to the Andes, where it falls either as snow or as rain, and then runs through the rivers of South America.1 If the rainforests are not there, the rain simply gets absorbed by the soil or it evaporates, which has been happening more frequently as the global deforestation of tropical forests has moved at a rate of 1 acre per second. It is likely only a matter of time before hydrological cycles are interrupted, at which point countries in South America alongside many other countries with rain forests, will not only be dealing with disappearing glaciers, but also a large drop in overall precipitation and an increase in desertification. This however, can be offset by the increased water vapor that is stored in a warmer atmosphere. However, deforestation is not confined to the tropics, due to pine beetle infestations in North America, many areas of forest are no longer storing carbon, they have been releasing it. This is because the winters are warmer and shorter than they used to be, and since 1994, in Wyoming, pine beetle larvae mortality has dropped from 80% during the winter to only 10%. As climate change accelerates, more forests have been dying, which caused them to release more CO2, which has caused more warming, which has caused even more forests to die; this has been yet another amplifying feedback cycle.

Disinformation and Barriers to the Regeneration
Free Trade

Free trade has been  presented by corporate interests as something that will have a positive impact on average working people. In reality, free trade agreements have been used again and again to deregulate multinational corporations at the expense of the majority of life on the planet. Free trade has helped to render nation states obsolete and has allowed multinational corporations to sue governments when they introduce regulations that infringe on a corporation’s “right” to make profits. Another issue of free trade is that when the UN has allotted greenhouse gas emissions to various countries, the emissions have gone to the country that created the products rather than the country that consumes them. A similar issue is that the emissions created during transportation, which have increased by 400% since 1995 have not been assigned to any country. Because there is no accountability or disincentive to burning fossil fuels while shipping products all around the planet, shipping emissions have been set to double or even triple by 2050.1 That being said, once the suppressed energy technologies discussed at the bottom of this page, make it onto the markets, our emissions will dramatically and exponentially be reduced. On top of all this, free trade and the World Trade Organization (WTO) have often been used to sue countries and regions for incentivizing local growth, which is a key in developing local sustainable economies. The governments of various countries have sued each other for trying to incentivize local development, because encouraging local economic growth is considered protectionist and is illegal under Cabal created WTO regulations.2

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Merchandising Doubt and the Media

The same nuclear physicists and corporate funded think tanks that fought against government regulation on cigarettes, acid rain, chlorofluorocarbons, DDT, Agent Orange and second hand smoke, have been fighting the overwhelming scientific agreement on human accelerated climate change. Only this time, the financial resources to create doubt and misinformation within the public consciousness have been much larger. This is because six of the 12 most profitable corporations on the planet have belonged to the fossil fuel industry and four of the 12 have been manufacturers of cars and trucks.1  There has never been so much money spent to confuse the public on an issue that the scientific community has clearly understood for decades. Some notable scientists who have fought any kind of government regulation are Bill Nuremberg, Fred Singer and Fred Sights. Some notable conservative free-market think tanks that have magnified their message are Philip Morris, The Marshall Institute, The Heartland Institute and the Koch brother created CATO Institute.3 The Heartland institute has held conferences that try to mimic credible science, but according to journalist Naomi Klein, there is nothing scientific about it. The various contrarian theses presented at the Heartland Institute conferences, such as: “tree rings, sunspots and the medieval warm period, are old news and were thoroughly debunked long ago. And most of the speakers are not even scientists, but rather hobbyist, engineers, economists and lawyers, mixed in with a weatherman, an astronaut and a space architect; all convinced that they have outsmarted 97% of the world’s leading climate scientists with their back of the envelope calculations.” 4  The few scientists that do give presentations not only contradict each other, but they make no effort to debate and distinguish which view is supported by real world evidence. These meetings are primarily to give influential industry leaders talking points and arguments to take with them out into the world, in the hope that the fossil fuel industry will avoid regulations for another decade. The media has had a major impact on public perception of climate change, not only by giving climate change deniers a stage to share their misinformation, but also through avoiding the subject altogether. Despite an increase in extreme weather between 2007 and 2011, NBC, ABC and CBS ran 147 stories on climate change in 2007, and only 14 in 2011.5   This huge drop was reflected in public opinion: a poll from 2007 showed that 71% of Americans believed that the continued burning of fossil fuels would alter the climate, but by 2011, the number was down to only 44%.5  During this same time, climate change was becoming more glaringly obvious, and climate scientists were becoming both more concerned by real world measurements as well as more confident in their models. Despite this, the financial power and mass merchandising of doubt by the fossil fuel industry managed to drop public belief in a scientific fact well below 50%. In 2004, Naomi Oreskis of the University of California San Diego, went looking for skepticism in the American peer reviewed scientific community. “She examined 900 peer reviewed articles and found exactly zero that contradicted the idea that climate change is happening, and that humans are causing it.” 6


Six of the 12 most profitable corporations on the planet have belonged to the fossil fuel industry and four of the 12 have manufactured cars and trucks.


This statistic stands in stark contrast to the understanding of climate change that has prevailed in Washington, specifically because the largest corporate donations to political campaigns have been from the fossil fuel industry. There as of 2015, there were 2,500 fossil fuel interest lobbyist on K-Street and Capitol Hill, who ensured that intelligent legislation, which would incentivize the much needed decarbonization of our energy supply, remained elusive. To view fossil fuel industry donations to politicians in the US congress, visit: www.dirtyenergymoney.com

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Suppression of New Energy Technologies in His-Story


By the end of 2010, there were over 5,134 energy technology patents that had been denied or were under review by the US Patent Office, which has been made possible by arbitrary patent laws that allow patents to be denied if they pose a threat to National Security. (Unacknowledged – CH 30 ~ 7:12) Operators within the CIA, NSA, DOD, Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Energy have suppressed New Energy Technologies, which has been justified by the labelling of these technologies as a threat to National Security. At first glance this does not make sense, but once we grasp that the US dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) have been backed by oil since 1973,  forming the petro-dollar, and that the dollar has been the world reserve currency, since the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944, it becomes more clear. Federal Reserve Notes were disguised as the US dollar, which was initially backed by gold, at $35 per ounce, but once the Nixon Administration left the gold standard in 1971, the dollar has been made valuable by the Deep State, which used the US military, corporate conglomerate media, and the political arena to force almost every country on Earth to buy and sell oil in dollars. This means that any technology that would render oil obsolete, has been a threat to the global economy, and since the Deep State has often confused the interests of international banking houses with the interest of the beings who live on Turtle Island (America), any threat to the global economy has been labelled as a threat to National Security, so patents for new energy technologies have been his-storically denied and justified by labelling them as a National Security threat. Which was made possible because the commodity that will be rendered obsolete has been used to back the global economy since 1973, and the US/NATO have taken out leaders who would not submit to the petro-dollar, most notably with Saddam in Iraq, and Ghaddafi in Libya. A quote from Richard Doughty who is listed below sums things up nicely, although this quote is no longer relevant, because the energy technologies that were suppressed are now being implemented exponentially: “The Macro Economic Order of fossil fuels and the privileged few feeding from it’s trough simply have not allowed free energy systems to gain a foothold, no matter how many billions of boats it’s tides would raise, not to mention saving our planet, and if you take them on, you will run into the mother of all buzzsaws.”

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Here is a short list from Unacknowledged, and then there are more examples with more elaboration below in the timeline of solution suppression:

“T. Henry Moore breakthrough work was ignored by the Patent Office, his lab ransacked. Pete Townsend Brown, one of the founding fathers of electro-gravitics discovered that he could access zero point energy by utilizing high voltages of 20,000 to 200,000 volts. The effect caused his charged capacitors to lose their mass and literally levitate off the ground, just like a UFO. Big oil wasn’t to keen on the competition, so the authorities denied Brown a patent and confiscated all of his work. Other inventors have been lured into partnering with bogus companies, only to see their inventions locked, black shelved indefinitely. John Keely, Viktor Schauberger, and Otis Carr were harassed and murdered. Professor John Searle another electro-gravitics physicists, was set up by two CIA agents who attempted to poison him, the same thing happened to Adam Trombly.”

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1901 – Nikola Tesla: a brilliant spirit that tuned into the insights of higher consciousness, allowing him to create the A/C current, and more importantly, created an over-unity system that created more energy than it took in. Tesla’s  invention was capable of transmitting energy without wires, which was a threat to both oil and to J.P. Morgan who had a monopoly on copper, which would have dropped significantly in value when copper wires were made obsolete. J.P. Morgan along with the big oil, and banking interests inspired government regulators to raid Tesla’s lab, and to confiscate his inventions and papers.

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1954 – The Hydrogen Engine: was installed in an automobile, before doing 110 lap presentation at the Indianapolis 500, then Gulf Motor Oil invested in the hydrogen engine before destroying the blue prints and shelving the technology, which is only now being brought to market by Toyota with the Mirai.

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1960 – Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr: co-created a teleportation device, which they activated and used with the power of love in Apple Valley, CA. The Deep State acting through the FBI raided their lab, took their technology, and disbanded their group after telling them that they would be tracked and watched for the remainder of their lives. Ralph Ring said that when they were threatened by the aspect of us that has been the Deep State, they were told that their technology was a threat to the global economy.

1974 – John Bedini: worked with Tesla’s theories of radiant energy to create battery charging devices that create more energy than they require to run. After announcing that he would begin producing and selling them at low cost, he was attacked in his lab and warned not to produce the devices. Out of fear and a desire to live, Bedini stopped producing his devices.

1978 – Christopher Hutchins: invented new energy technology batteries, and used Tesla’s ideas to counter gravity and to make objects float, which will revolutionize the field of propulsion once they are implemented. His lab was first raided by police and government officials in 1978, then again in 1989 and again in 2000.

1978 – Adam Trombly: has created several zero point energy devices, one of which he demonstrated to the UN and to the US Senate Committee on Banking and Finance, and here is a very clear and insight-filled interview with Mr. Trombly.

1994 – Research into Fast Breeder Reactors: was terminated by the Clinton Administration, right as the physicists at the Argonne Institute were ready to build the first prototype. If successful, Fast Breeder Reactors would have allowed humanity to dissolve and transmute the radioactive waste that we have created through Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy, by turning 99% of the waste into a source of energy without any greenhouse gas emissions emitted in the process.

  • Hanson, J. Storms of my Grandchildren (Ch. 10 ~ 21:25) [Bloomsbury USA, 2010]. [Narrated by John Allen Nelson]. Tantor Audio, 2009 [Audible].

1996 – CIA Director William Colby: was found floating down the Potomac River, on may 6th, one week before meeting with Dr. Steven Greer with the intention of sharing suppressed energy technologies, operating devices and $50 million in funding to bring the energy technologies to market at scale

  • Dr. Greer, S. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret (Ch. 26 ~ 00:05) [A & M Pub Llc]. [Narrated by William Hughes]. Blackstone Audio, 2017 [Audible].)

1997 – Dr. Stephan Marinov: was the Director of the European Free Energy Commission, who flew out of a window backward falling to his death from the 1oth story of a library and the University of Graz in Austria. The official story in the mainstream media was that it had been a suicide, but those who knew Dr. Marinov knew him to be a joyous and inspired being that would not take his own life. When we look at the overall trend of energy technology suppression, it becomes clear that this was another hit by the banking bloodlines behind our global economy, which has been backed by oil since 1973.

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1998 – Stan Meyer: was taken out for persistently pursuing his technology breakthrough, which was yet another threat to the banking and oil monopolists. Stan and his brother retrofitted a dune buggy to run on hydrogen, without any hydrogen tanks on board, just water, that was transformed in real time through electrolysis to power the vehicle with hydrogen. Shortly after this innovation went public, Stan met with two CIA agents who claimed they wanted him to retrofit his technology onto an aircraft. Stan was weary of the CIA agents, and decided to meet them at a Cracker Barrel, hoping that he would be safe in a public setting. Despite his steps of precaution, when he took a sip of his drink, he clasped his throat, exclaiming that he had been poisoned, and then stumbled out into the parking lot where his spirit left his body dead on the ground.

  • Dr. Greer, S. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret (Ch. 30 ~ 06:08) [A & M Pub Llc]. [Narrated by William Hughes]. Blackstone Audio, 2017 [Audible].)

2004 – Eugene Mallove: was the head science writer for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and left that position when he claimed that the US government “Deep State” was suppressing research into cold fusion technology. Mallove was one of the most well known researchers  into new energy technologies, who was about to debut a Zero Point Energy device on Art Bell’s radio show “Meet the Nation” on an episode with David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland, with plans to then take the prototype to Capitol Hill where he would demonstrate it to beings within the House of Representatives and the Senate. Mallove was beaten to death 24 hours before going on the radio show, and another energy technology was lost to the egoic unconscious mind programs of fear, greed, corruption and dominion, that are rapidly being dissolved and transmuted in each new now moment.

  • Wilcock, D. The Source Field Investigations (Ch. 1 ~ 108:08) [Penguin Group, 2011]. [Narrated by David Wilcock]. Brilliance Audio, 2011[Audible].)

2006 – Who Killed the Electric Car: is not only a very insightful documentary, but the true depiction of one aspect of how humanity has been stuck on an obsolete technology for over a century.

Below are three testimonials from Unacknowledged by Dr. Steven Greer:

Richard Daughty – is a retired special agent for counterintelligence for the Air Force office of special investigations Air Force OSI. For over eight years he was specifically tasked with UFO/extraterrestrial issue at Kirkland Air Force Base New Mexico, and also Nellis Air Force Base (Area 51) and other locations.

“Later in my career, I read a document in Washington that explained the US scientist’s understanding of the rectangular plexiglass like object found aboard the ET craft. It was an energy device that used zero point energy, and it was connected in such a manner that this device could power from a very small flashlight to an entire city. Each craft had one, though the vessel that crashed in Horse Mesa out west had a larger energy device then the one found in Corona. I don’t think they understood why, but the devices operated in the same manner.”


  • Dr. Greer, S. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret (Ch. 31 ~ 00:01) [A & M Pub Llc]. [Narrated by William Hughes]. Blackstone Audio, 2017 [Audible].)

Dan Morris – is a retired Air Force Career Master Sergeant involved in ET projects for many years, then recruited by the NRO, with a Cosmic Top Secret Clearance, 38 levels above top secret, which to his knowledge, no US president has ever held.

“UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man-made. The guys that were doing the UFOs, they weren’t sleeping, and Pete Townsend Brown was one of our guys who was almost up to speed with the Germans. So we had a problem, we had to keep Townsend Brown, what he was doing on the anti-gravity electromagnetic propulsion secret. Even back in Tesla’s time, we had free energy that we could transfer, all you had to do was put up an antenna, and place a stake in the ground and you could light this house and have all the energy that you needed. But what have we run on? Well, for the last century we’ve run on petroleum, who has been in control of the petroleum in the world? A lot of people think that Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are in charge, they aren’t. We control it, us and the Brits. Well, some people refer to this as the Secret Government, a group of the richest men in the world who have controlled petroleum. You don’t need cars, unless you have an internal combustion engine. Well if you have one of these, zero point energy units, that’s about 16 inches long, 8 inches high, and about 10 inches wide, then you don’t need to plug into the local electric company. These devices burn nothing, no pollution, it never wears out, because there are no moving parts, what moves are electrons in the gravity field. In the electronic field, and they turn in opposite directions, ok, you put one in a car, the car would rust and fall down around it before it would ever wear out. What’s that going to do to the world economy that ran on petroleum?”


  • Dr. Greer, S. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret (Ch. 5 ~ 00:01) [A & M         Pub Llc]. [Narrated by William Hughes]. Blackstone Audio, 2017 [Audible].)


Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown – worked in the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). He was assigned to work on Project Grudge, where he was responsible for investigating UFOs.

“I knew from engineering manuals and from research done at MIT, that if we went from totally dry air to totally saturated air, you should improve the efficiency of an engine by about 2%. Well, by humidifying air through this process, we discovered, I was getting 20% to 30% improvement in the efficiency of an internal combustion engine. Engineering people and scientists just would not believe it. So I went ahead, not knowing any better, I started selling these devices, which improved engine performance so remarkably. Well, some strange things started to happen, and some federal agencies moved in. Particularly the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The EPA was satisfied that it worked, but there was no government support. Finally The administrator of the EPA asked the director of their research lab in North Carolina if he would work with me. So I showed up without knowing that he had called him with a diesel vehicle, very spectacular results in that, so far as I know, it was the first diesel ever tested in the United States EPA laboratory, that simultaneously reduced all aspects of measured diesel emissions, plus improved fuel economy up to 23%. As far as I know, no one has ever equaled it. The FTC later performed literally an illegal act, the precise statement made to an attorney for a large dealer in Washington was: “we don’t care whether it works or not, we just don’t want people buying these large American cars.” I could not, when I got that report, imagine an officer of the United States Government in 1979 to 1980 saying that. So I flew to Washington, and I went to the Congress. I saw a senator with the science and technology committee. I met with the general counsel. He questioned me at length, I had documentation. He then said that they would act. When I pointed out the unfairness of the FTC aspect, they wrote a scathing letter to the Chairman of the FTC, and send me a copy of it. Within three weeks from that date, I lost my vehicle, about $100,000 worth of equipment, and a test vehicle was stolen. I had sponsored the US Army race team on a little sprite racing car. They stole my unit off of that car after we had just won the race. The Captain of the Army race team was a Master Sergeant in the Army, who had created a super car, and they stole that car from the US Army in Van Nuys California. So in three weeks I was financially and psychologically wiped out. This is not just talk, there is a real world out there, and as someone who had engaged in, been in and around the combat zone nine years of my life, to have to come back to this, it was quite traumatic.

We also had a project with the Maritime Administration, which was very successful. The conclusion was, I could either add 20% in horse power or 20% in fuel reduction at the same time, while reducing emissions by 40%. Two months before the end of the project, they said our agreement is off, we are going to cancel the project. I said you can’t do this, they said we’ve done it. So I said, well I’m going to finish the project, and I paid for the last two months of it. They said we are not going to distribute the test results, we also want all of your notes, and all of your records. I’m saying “you really don’t have a right to those.” And they said “yes we do, we paid for them.” You don’t argue with the government. So I made copies of everything I had, several copies, and distributed them at various points, and send them the originals of all of this. What I did not know at the time, I put in a call to the chief engineer who had set up the project, and he was never available. The number two engineer. was never available. So I finally called the comp troller, and he said “they are no longer with us.” I said “what are you talking about?” He said “they have eliminated the research division in the Maritimes Administration.” So someone did not want this concept to be successful. Then, later on a business trip at two minutes after midnight, just into my birthday, a call comes into my hotel room, when I’m just getting ready for bed. Voice says “please get out of your room immediately,” I said, “well if you tell me who you are and why, I’ll get out.” “This is the desk clerk, we just got a call that there is a bomb in your room.” I hung up and went outside. By this time, they were evacuating the whole motel. And so I said I’ll check into a Holiday Inn, which I did. I parked in a lighted area, right in front, in this beat up old car. I had several thousand dollars of equipment in it, and was taking over to Purdue university to do some air tests. Anyway, next morning at a quarter of seven, I look out my window, and there is a blank space where my car was. They had stolen my car. Police recovered it 2 or 3 weeks later, and found drilled holes in the gas tank, and all of my test equipment gone. I had built a prototype carburetor, gone. And psychologically again, it sort of zapped me. So we have a call that there was a bomb in my hotel room, somebody was following me, my phone was tapped, no question about this, and there was no logical reason for it. My unit was offered by this car dealer free with every new American car, truck, or van purchased. I made that stipulation, it had to be American made. There are combustion stimulating molecules and radicals generated in this process, it creates a thunder storm in a bottle and creates molecules which greatly increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions. My concept can work as a retrofit item on older vehicles, for people who want to keep them, but in particular on the major polluting vehicles, which are 18 wheelers, diesel automobiles, diesel buses in cities, tow boats and oceangoing vessel‘s. I think the potential is there for power generating plants, based on research done in Europe, in England, and by Max Planck in Germany. You would not see white smoke coming out of one, I am 90% certain this can be made to happen with a minimal investment. So anyway, my concept adds oxygen to the air among other things. Everything it adds is an oxidant. It helps the planet. It even reduces CO2 when you use less fuel, CO2 is reduced. So far as I know, it is probably the most fault free concept. And in essence, I was advised by an agency of the US Government a few years ago, that if I can do what I say I can do, it is a new field of science. Well, I’ve known it’s a new field of science, since I can find no competitive concepts. It is a method of enriching the combustion air, or charged air on any heat cycle engine. I’ve tested it on propane and done extensive multi-million mile testing on diesel and gasoline. I’ve tested it on gasoline from 75 to 125 octane, I can run a vehicle that normally requires 92 octane, on 75 octane without a nod, and I have done so for a period of three months.”


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