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Listening List Below are two lists of books that we recommend most highly and one list of documentaries that illuminate the unprecedented changes that are occurring on our planet. There are 15 in each list and they have become an integral part of the Ourglass perspective. If you wish to understand what drives and inspires us, dive in!   It is very intentional that the Evolution of Consciousness list comes before the Global Perspective and Climate Change list. This is vital, because without first having an inward shift in awareness that elevates us beyond the realm of right and wrong, or good...

Listening List

Below are two lists of books that we recommend most highly and one list of documentaries that illuminate the unprecedented changes that are occurring on our planet. There are 15 in each list and they have become an integral part of the Ourglass perspective. If you wish to understand what drives and inspires us, dive in!


It is very intentional that the Evolution of Consciousness list comes before the Global Perspective and Climate Change list. This is vital, because without first having an inward shift in awareness that elevates us beyond the realm of right and wrong, or good vs evil, we may look around the world and be paralyzed by anger, guilt and fear. These frequencies will do nothing except create more of the same reactive and unconscious human behavior patterns that have been playing out for centuries. It is only by causing an evolution in our collective consciousness, where enough of us realize that beyond this seemingly physical reality there is an interconnected web of energy that connects all of us to everything that ever has been and ever will be, that we can co-create the harmonious collective mind of humanity. These books are not about finding a new belief system; they are about shifting our attention from the illusion of duality to the realization and experience of unity. They show us how to live a life of excellence that is filled with joy, love, creative expression and with a focus on an internal acceptance of each moment. From this frequency, we can go out and create a new global network that is starkly different from anything humanity has ever cultivated. Without an inner shift, we will simply magnify the forces that we are trying to move beyond, because when we judge and oppose something, we aid in concentrating its power. Instead of manifesting a completely new collective co-creation, we have been asleep in the dream world of duality, forgetting that we are not merely flesh-mobiles having a spiritual experience within our mind, but at our core, we are each infinite consciousness manifesting as all that is, in the midsts of a global human awakening. We would be wise to be aware of the largest global challenges if we want to create intelligent real world solutions to them, and it would likely be most fruitful to focus on the love, stillness and beauty that is always present at the deepest levels of reality if we want to bring those vibrations into this seemingly physical sense-perceived frequency of subjective experience.

This may seem a bit out there for some, but the current dominating paradigm of the Globilization of profit driven endless growth that we have all been conditioned to blindly accept is destroying the only planet that we know of that is habitable for human life. There are few things that are more out there than that. Thank you for questioning your education-indoctrination-conditioning and for taking your education into your own hands. You can use the material below as a guideline, but follow your heart, intuition, and highest excitement; seek out books and information sources that resonate with your highest self.

Timeline of Our Re:Evolution
  • 11,111 B.C. – the fall from multi-dimensional consciousness, coinciding with the end of the last ice age, as the icecaps melted, the sea levels rose, thus creating the flood that sank Atlantis, many researchers think that this rapid melt was triggered by an asteroid that hit the ice sheet that covered the North American Continent.

  • 1956 – Earth’s kundalini left the high mountains of the Himalayas in Tibet, beginning its journey to all seven continents, before coming to rest in the high mountains of the Andes in South America (learn about this in The Serpent of Light by Drunvolo Melchizedeck.

  • 1973 – Russia first discovered the Unity Consciousness Grid, which has been built around Earth for the last 13,000 years, since the fall from multi-dimensional consciousness, it has been being co-created by beings in higher densities, and by beings who have remembered the power of planetary grid work while embodied.

  • 2001 – Earth’s kundalini got stuck at the Panama Canal, which was the largest geomancy on Earth, and it took conscious ceremony by over 500 indigenous tribes all over North, Central and South America to help Earth bridge her kundalini energy over the canal.

  • 2002 – Earth’s Kundalini arrived in the high mountains of the Andes, in Northern Chile, near Peru, which is why so many beings are experiencing profound awakenings on the Earth grids in this location and why the plant consciousness of Ayahuasca has become more prominent in our human consciousness since the turn of the century.

  • 2005 – Project Starlight Coalition was the first citizen movement that did their best to inspire the Clinton administration to delve into and disclose the secrets of the Aerospace industry, and the suppression of both the extraterrestrial presence and hidden technologies that up until now, have been locked away in “unacknowledged special access projects”

  • 2008 – The Unity Consciousness Grid around the Earth was completed, which replaced the pyramid etherial energy structure, that manifested as hierarchy in everything from banking and oil, to education and politics. The new grid is a pentagonal dodecahedron fused with an icosahedron, which is a much more balanced sacred geometrical shape.

  • 2012 – The Kali Yuga came to an end on the Winter Solstice: 12/21/2012, a transition in the cycle of the Precession of the Equinox, that was prophesied by over 34 ancient civilizations. We have entered into the Satya Yuga, which is the cycle of truth and transparency, a new golden age of peace and abundance for all beings, with gratitude for the chaos of the Kali Yuga serving as the catalyst to awaken our consciousness from this density, because it is easier to wake up from a nightmare than from an easy, ordinary, and enjoyable dream.

  • 2013 – Within 70 days of the shift into the Age of Aquarius, the following 3 events took place:
    1. January 31st: Ren TV aired “Shadow Gold”, a documentary that was seen by over 20 million beings that was based on the online book “Financial Tyranny”.
    2. February 4th: Anonymous released the information of 4,000 Federal Reserve Executives to the world, including IP addresses, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and other personal information.
    3. February 28th: Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his post at the Vatican, making it the first time in 600 years that a Pope has resigned from their position within the now dissolved religious hierarchy.

  • 2015 – Hemp was legalized in the United States, and although it was always lawful, it was systematically suppressed. Big Pharma-kos did not want medicine that they could not patent, and that could cure a majority of illnesses without any harmful side effects or addiction. Hemp CBD is a big success for curing almost any dis-ease, and now any entrepreneur can create medicine for the well-being of humanity.
    1. UN announced local organic perennial polycultures
    2. Solar reached grid parity with all fossil fuels, meaning the adaption of new energy technology has been exponential since this date

  • 2016 – Standing Rock was the fulfillment of the Rainbow Prophecy, all colors of the medicine wheel coming together to stand for Our Earth, and for all life.  All colors of the medicine wheel receiving the ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge that has been courageously held and protecting during the shadow cycle of the Kali Yuga. This sacred wisdom is being shared in communities all across our planet, as we remember to look to Gaia for guidance, while living in alignment with all of Our Self and selfs. The peak number of Gaia Guardians to show at Standing Rock was December 4th, as the camp sizes swelled to around 14,445 beings.

  • 2017 
    1. February 5th – the divine masculine template was purified, as it was harmonized, healed and inspired through the Star Maps.
    2. February 10th – the dark grids were unplugged, and the rug was pulled out from underneath the old systems of hierarchy and corruption.
    3. March 20th – Earth became the embodiment of benevolent creation, as sacred bird medicine was reclaimed in sovereignty, and David Rockefeller publicly left his Earth suit behind, all on the Spring Equinox, which is the astrological New Year.
    4. October 28th – The cabal takedown went public with #QAnon, which is a public intelligence dissemination program, coordinated by beings who have high-level security clearance, within the US military and intelligence Alliance. Q, which also triggers memories of James Bond, receiving intel from Q, began posting on 8chan, then moved to 4chan, everything is aggregated on several separate websites, such as QAnon.pub, and the most comprehensive analysis that we have found in QMaps.pub
    5. Saudi Mass Arrests 
    6. December 21st – Executive Order on Human Rights Abuse

  • 2018
    1. NSA data deletion of 680 million innocent beings
    2. July 20th – Malevolent Extraterrestrials had left their on planet representatives to fend for themselves
    3. GESARA signed by Trump
    4. #Q reports blind eyes echelon – main frequency terminated
    5. On November 11th, the Alliance signaled that they had taken control of the weather modification technology, by sending out 17, energy blasts that emanated around the entire planet, which was synchronistically the day that we met in D.C. for a Mass Meditation Initiative orchestrated by the DisclosureFest team. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

  •  2019 
    1. July 4th, 2019 – China Lake Naval research facility was liberated by 10,ooo US Marine’s Special Forces: A joint operation between benevolent multidimensional and extraterrestrial beings and humans of Earth to liberate 35,927 children ranging from infants to 17 years old, which is the age at which children in these programs would have been brought above ground to be used in the global pedophile blackmail networks that the Old World Order used to infiltrate positions of influence in media, politics, finance, entertainment, academia, and religions, through compromising those who the Cabal chose for positions of power. Many of these children who were liberated from this Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) were held in electrified cages, which were the modern version of the MK ultra experiments brought over to the US by the Deep State after the international banking bloodlines of Babylon created another conflict for profit, as the Warburg brothers, among many others gained financially from both the German Reichsbank (privately owned central bank) and the US INCORPORATED FED (privately owned central bank) both paying dividends to their shareholders, which were commercial and investment banks, owned by the banking bloodlines who received dividend payments from everything that the IRS collected in INCOME TAXES, and thus we arrived back at the experience of taxation without representation. Who are these banking families? WHO ran these hidden and dominion oriented bloodlines? WHO were the patriarchs of these dynasties? Circle back to the Our Establishment section to see how this power pyramid shaped world events to a truly impressive degree.

  • 2020 Visions
    • March 26th, the FED was folded into the US Treasury, when the Senate approved the $2 Trillion stimulus monies, thus neutering the international banking cartel, a key step in reclaiming our Constitutional Republic from the Old World Order’s debt slavery system of fractional reserve banking, fiat money, derivatives and quantitative easing , which was the source of the hidden taxation of inflation. As the Federal Reserve and the Treasury are now merged, special vehicles (SPVs) are brought to our awareness, which are technically owned by the US Treasury and financed by the FED. Jerome Powell, the FED Chair said that their abilities are now limited by the law, and that all those activities then need permission from the Treasury Secretary, which has to be approved by President Donald Trump. Therefore it can be said that the FED is now run by Trump, which means that the Earth Alliance has officially reclaimed the financial system of Earth and we are liberated from the shackles of debt and scarcity. If the US Treasury owns assets via SPVs it means that the market has been to some degree nationalized. And although the following article has a negative slant on this transition (the MSM go figure) it still summarizes what has happened, although briefly.

    • May 4th – Lawful Sovereignty is being held up by the White House and Department of Justice for all to see, as we have left behind admiralty jurisdiction and our Constitutional Republic has been restored, ending the Crown, Vatican, Zionist and Bank of International Settlements control over USA INCORPORATED. The Department of Justice just issued a warning for all those acting under the color of law, which is not law, and stated potential penalties for any being who deprives another of their inalienable rights, which is a powerful confirmation of the cleansing taking place behind the scenes of the CV quarantine. And synchronistically earlier on the same day, we found a picture of 7 flags in the Whitehouse for a press briefing, and all of them were without the USA INC. signature gold fringe and tassels.

Tune in as more good news is made manifest by our exponentially evolving and awakening planetary consciousness, we add new ascension markers monthly, injoy the show, we have prepared for thousands of years and many incarnations for this time now, so breathe deep, smile and injoy Our co-creation of Nova Gaia




Books on the Evolution of Consciousness
Top Three Books

List of Top 17 Books

Books on The Old World Order of Domination
Top Three Books

  1. Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs ~ Dr. Michael Salla
  2. The Ascension Mysteries ~ David Wilcock
  3. The True Story of The Bilderberg Group ~ Daniel Estulin

List of Top 17 Books

  1. A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth about Alien Contact ~ Bryce Zabel and Richard M. Dolan
  2. Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race ~ Len Kasten
  3. Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs ~ Dr. Michael Salla
  4. Grunch of Giants ~ Buckminster Fuller
  5. None Dare Call It Conspiracy ~ Gary Allen
  6. Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? ~ Jim Marrs
  7. Selected by Extraterrestrials: My Life in the Top Secret World of UFO’s, Think-Tanks and Nordic Secretaries ~ William Tompkins
  8. The Creature from Jekyll Island ~ G. Edward Griffin
  9. The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap ~ Matt Taibbi
  10. So Damn Much Money ~ Robert G. Kaiser
  11. The Federal Reserve Conspiracy ~ Antony C. Sutton
  12. The Money Mafia: A World In Crisis ~ Paul T. Hellyer
  13. The Secret History of American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Corporate Corruption ~ John Perkins
  14. The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance  ~ Dr. Michael Salla
  15. The World is Yours: The Secrets Behind ‘The Secret’ ~ Kurtis Lee Thomas
  16. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret ~ Dr. Steven Greer
  17. War Is A Racket ~ Major General Smedley Butler
Books on Global Perspectives and Climate Ascension
Top Three Books

List of Top 17 Books

Documentaries that Inform Evolution and EcoAction
Top 3 Documentaries

  1. Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take
  2. Revolution: The Evolution of Life and the Revolution to Save Us
  3. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret

List of Top 15 Documentaries

  1. AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda
  2. Chasing Ice
  3. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
  4. Inequality for All
  5. Fed Up
  6. Forks Over Knives
  7. GMO OMG: Is This the End of Real Food
  8. Mission Blue
  9. Revolution: The Evolution of Life and the Revolution to Save Us
  10. Sirius Disclosure: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels and Fiat Currencies
  11. The 11th Hour
  12. The Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb
  13. The Last Call to Oasis
  14. Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take
  15. Trading on Thin Air
  16. Unacknowledged: An Exposé of The World’s Greatest Secret
  17. What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

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