Inspiring EcoAction through Information

We Inspire EcoAction through Information

Global climate destabilization, ocean acidification, and species extinction accelerated throughout the 20th century. Driven by a culture of hierarchy, competition, overconsumption, corporate free-trade deals, the World Trade Organization, the Oil Oligarchy, transnational corporations, and all of the unconscious purchases that all of us have made in each present moment, until now, and now, and now, and so on.≥÷

With every purchase, we are NOW co-creating a life economy, and too often throughout his-story, our purchases unconsciously upheld an incredibly corrupt, abusive, extractive, corrosive, and ultimately self-annihilating system until now, and now, and now, and so on, until we arrived in an entirely different reality that is far more balanced, harmonious, and prosperous than anything that our planet has experienced since before Babylon. 


Fossil fuels could have very reasonably been made obsolete in the 1990’s, with a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy, fast breeder reactors, hydrogen retrofitted onto coal power plants, and zero point energy (over-unity) devices. Instead, we have been emitting over 30 billion tons of CO2 every year, and have been eating food that is toxic for humans, animals, our soil and our Earth. We have been conditioned to strive for lives of luxury, but in this age of endless material possibility, we have been rapidly destroying the essentials for human life: clean air, fresh water, nutrient rich foods, and indigenous communities living in balance with nature. We are all indigenous peoples, as we are all sovereign beings who are indigenous to this beautiful planet. By realizing that we are dependent on Earth’s ecosystem services, we can evolve beyond this programmed paradigm of biosphere degradation for profits, and create a new global network based on transparency, creative collaboration, unity consciousness, and compassion for all life on Earth. Ourglass is accelerating the shift to a regenerative and sustainable way of living and being on this planet. We are grateful to be a part of the co-creation of a world in which the standards of global industry are rooted in fair-trade, free/renewable energy, local organic perennial polyculture, hemp, upcycling, zero waste, and biomimicry. Welcome to Our LOVEreEVOLution <3


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Our Vision

Our vision at Ourglass is a world in which we prioritize compassion and community rather than consumerism and egoic self-gratification. A world in which the most influential governments, NGOs and corporations are rooted in equity, sustainability, transparency, trust, collaboration and compassion. A world in which business and society come into alignment with the planet’s ecosystems, allowing humanity to create an abundance of clean air, soil and water to be shared and enjoyed by all life on Earth. Click here to see the power structures that were the catalyst of our global awakening consciousness as this aspect of humanity created the chaos that shook us awake to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and we find gratitude for these expressions of egoic unconsciousness for creating the nightmare in which we found ourselves, as it is easier to wake up from a nightmare than from an ordinary and injoyable dream.

Our Mission

Our mission is to synthesize the obstacles that humanity has faced, that have threatened our species, our planet, and all life on Earth, in a clear, engaging and inspiring way, so that we continue to gracefully dance around them and remove our energy from all destructive systems and from any beings or organizations that  have nourished the roots of division and deception.  Through our partnership with EcoActive, we are accelerating the transition to a world powered by new energy technologies, a world fed by local organic agriculture, a world with biomimicry as a standard of global industry, and a world in which products are up-cycled so that the raw materials can be re-used indefinitely. Click here for an overview on global climate destabilization.


17 Oct 2015

Educators, policy makers, authors, activists, non-profits, and a myriad of other perspectives converge in a creative community which recognizes that all life is sacred.

14 Jul 2015

The expansion of fracking for oil in the U.S. and mining tar sands in Canada helped the number of rail cars carrying oil to increase by over 4,100% in only 5 years – from 9,500 cars in 2008, to 400,000 cars in 2011.

04 Jun 2015

4th generation nuclear power is radically different from 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation, but the difference has yet to be grasped by the public. Imagine getting rid of radioactive waste, while simultaneously powering civilization with a carbon free energy source.

26 Apr 2015

The book Merchants of Doubt explains how corporations use money, media, and experts with scientific credentials, to consistently misinform the American public on the health and environmental risks of tobacco smoke, DDT, agent orange, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, and now climate change.